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Is She Actually Crazy or Just Tired of Your $#!t?

Okay so let's address this thing in our society where we refer to women as "Crazy" when they act out. I was not self-aware of how much that word and how it is used bothered me but I want to be on record to say that not only is the term disrespectful but also is a complete disregard for her emotions & feelings at that moment. When any of us (male or female) are "acting out" we are trying to communicate something that is happening to us internally.

This brings to mind the thought that goes; "hell hath no fury than a woman scorned" which is absolutely on point to understand her moment. According to, this simply means that "no one is angrier than a woman who has been rejected in love." An easy way to look at this as a reaction (or overreaction) to her moment is to understand that when she believes she needs to "protect herself" mentally, emotionally, verbally, and sometimes even physically, this is the result (i.e. acting out).

Allow me to slightly rephrase the quoted term to bring it into full context. You will be hard-pressed to find a person who can become angrier than a woman when she perceives herself to have been rejected in love. What we need to let sink in is that women often react to something which hurts or upsets them by expression, sometimes viciously, and other times without full thought.

Does that make her cray-cray? No! Does she look cray-cray doing the things she does? Maybe!

What is on display is her raw, in-the-moment, emotions that have been left unchecked. Meaning, something internal to her is making its way out and now what she is feeling, she wants you to experience that feeling as well. That moment makes her human. Not crazy.

Why does this matter? Great question. The answer is her mental health, which is not a laughing matter. Nor should it be presented lightly as it is something to be taken seriously for both men and women. Per the chart below, mental illness is a thing, it has always been around, very few times is it accurately detected, and is seldom talked about in a constructive manner.

Then again, let's dial it back and stay in tune with the title of the article because let's face it, she could just be tired of your mess. No cray-cray or anything else. She just might be tired of repeating herself, tired of you not caring, tired of you blaming her, tired of your lack of effort, and tired of you trying to make her think she's crazy.

This brings me to my final point.

Women do not help their cause by allowing themselves to be "Jedi-mind-tricked" into believing that they are crazy. The issue that I have with that as a coach is that once you label someone with that narrative it can become who they are. You start to respond to them in that manner and women....oh you beautiful women....some of you wear the title of crazy like it is a badge of honor.

So to those women, I will say, please own your actions caused by your emotions. If you are with someone that brings that out of you, it might be time for some real self-reflection. I would go so far as to suggest that you may need to step away to understand yourself, your triggers, why they are there, as well as your life.

Since relationships are about two people growing, then what does it say when you go "scorched earth" in your relationship? Granted, we all have those moments but after the first one or two times, you have to know that it is a problem that needs answers.

The question to ask yourself is this; Am I really crazy or am I just tired of his s#!t?

Regardless of the answer, it will require some action on your part. After all, people in your life are either making you better or they may just be making you act and look crazy.

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