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Since starting my business in 2005, I have helped my clients discover effective approaches in dealing with the challenges in their lives. Read on to learn what clients have to say about their experience with my coaching services, and contact me today to schedule your own session.


Coach Kenn is THE absolute BEST counselor/ life coach that I have had the pleasure to work with. He provides great insight into relational issues as well as a great provider of advice on many life lessons. If you have any issues be it in marriage or life, I strongly recommend a talk with Coach Kenn!!!! You will be moved in a positive direction after the first conversation. Thank you, Coach Kenn, for being such a positive force in my life.


Kenn is a wonderful Counselor - his insight has been right on. His approach is just what I needed to hear and he helps you work through the issues you might have with his knowledge, and sensitivity of reaching through the problems and making clarity to a situation.


Above all- Kenn is a wonderful human being!!! He has been there for me, coaching me through 2 different phases of life. He is willing to stay in coach mode for the sake of personal development but is not afraid to take his coach hat off to offer advice if needed (might be heading into dangerous territory) or if asked for. If you are interested in personal development, laughter, care, and humility all rolled into one Kenn is your man. He is not afraid to have challenging discussions. Day 1 he told me he was all in as long as I was and he is a man of his word. He has been accessible to me through sessions, email, text and phone when needed and has been sunshine and stability in challenging times. He truly is a life line. I highly recommend Life Line coaching. Kenn has an amazing gift for coaching couples and individuals. I am not in Omaha, all of my work with Kenn has been virtual. It was far better than any local assistance I have used in the past. He has a plan for you and you can get there. Thank you Kenn💖


Our experience was with Coach Kenn went better than expected. He made us understand each other better. We look forward to doing another session with him soon.

Carla C.

Coach Kenn really helped me through a very difficult time in my life and helped me see the value in myself. He also gave me great suggestions on how I can improve as a woman and on how to handle relationships and heartbreak.

He listens to the problem and asks direct questions which leads to making good decisions that will help. I especially appreciate how he doesn’t forget you once the session is over. He’ll send a follow-up email and emails that include encouraging words to keep you going in life.

He’s super nice and very direct, which adds the right amount of balance. I’m so thankful I was recommended to him. 


Coach Kenn helped me communicate with my wife on new levels that I had not been able to do before. He's helped strengthen my marriage in a huge way. Thank you Coach Kenn!


I want to thank you for helping us to come back together. As you know, I was to the point of walking away. I know that you say we did the work and that is why we are able to make our relationship work, and I do agree, but without your perspective from the outside looking in I don’t know that we would have ever gotten to that point. 

I have faith that we are back on the right track now and are able to utilize the tools you’ve given us.

Thank you for caring about my marriage when I didn’t care. I appreciate you. 


Coach Kenn is amazing! I went to him during a very difficult season of my life. I was so lost and hurting. Kenn took the time to get to know me and helped me be laser-focused on my better self. I am stronger and more confident than I have ever been. I recommend him to everyone I know!! The best help I have ever had.


Kenn is a wonderful coach and provides the right constructive challenge to help you get where you are aspiring to go. I highly recommend him!

Christina M.

Coach Kenn was excellent! He listened to what I had to say and then gave great feedback and coaching. Definitely going to do another session with him soon.

Daniel B.

Coach Kenn was insightful and very knowledgeable. I believe he opened my eyes and made me reevaluate my thought process of my current predicament even after just one session. It was refreshing to get an unbiased, honest opinion about my situation.

Thank you again Coach Kenn!

Peter M.

Very genuine!

Megan J.

Upon our initial consultation, Kenn seemed to be reading our mail. He understood our complex situation and was quite honest and insightful. We are looking forward to working with him.


Coach Kenn was just what I needed. Extremely open, professional and responsive. I do plan to speak with him again.

Pamela W.

Kenn is super easy to talk to and very quick to respond to emails or calls.

Kate P.

I had an excellent conversation with Coach Kenn, and he picked up on a lot of things about me very quickly. He was quick to schedule and respond to me in emails and followed up our session with an email that reviewed my “homework” for the week.


Coming to Coach Kenn was a hail-mary effort for us. It was 100% make or break. I was leaning more towards the break part due to just being tired of all of it.

Coach Kenn, I know I was not very nice to deal with at first (sorry about that) but you hung in there with us and kept us honest, focused and on task. 

Our family is now doing much better and we continue to use the tools you taught us. 

Your dedication to help my marriage was (and is) appreciated!

Amber G.

What a great experience. My sessions opened my eyes and helped me make better decisions. Thanks Kenn!

Jade C.

Very approachable. Easy to build a rapport with Kenn. His advice and encouragement were spot on. I highly recommend anyone looking for lifestyle coaching to spend some time with Coach Kenn! Well worth the time!


I picked Kenn due to the great reviews but I still doubt he could help with our situation, felt that my relationship was too difficult and he couldn’t provide any suggestions.

I was totally wrong my partner and I loved the points he helped us to look at and he was very mutual not picking sides or making the other feel guilty. 

Great job for convincing me you were the right choice for us!

Erica S.

Great place to get help with making some changes in my life! I felt supported and encouraged! Would recommend to anyone looking for a new outlook on life and need help getting started.

Thank you Coach Kenn!

Amy N.

I was ready to walk away and you showed me another way to handle a situation that we had been dealing with for months. You gave us the credit but we give you the kudos! Thanks for all your help!

Avery S.

My Fiance, ..now wife..found Kenn online. We were at a standstill in our relationship and with simple guidance and the clairvoyance he displayed we overcame many obstacles. His nonjudgemental sessions allowed us to be completely open and vulnerable with each other. We exist as a married couple because of you. You allowed us to see what we couldn't see.
Thank you Coach Kenn!


Real attention to my needs and personality. I am always treated with respect and provided with sound guidance. Service has gone beyond my expectations.


With our first call, I learned things about myself that I didn’t even realize. I also learned things that I can put into place right away to help my husband and I better communicate.

Thanks Coach Kenn! I’m looking forward to speaking with you again. I think we’re on the right path!!

 Faith D

I found Coach Kenn to be inspiring and very professional. Coach Kenn responded to my email, same day! Gave me lots of great tips that I was able to put into practice right away! So appreciative!

Kim W

My experience has been truly amazing with Coach Kenn. He is non-judgmental, compassionate, inspiring, helpful in many aspects, doesn't hold back on the truth (you may not like it, but it is a REAL eye-opener, from personal experience :) and has an amazing ability to evaluate ones self-perspective.

Our perception is our reality & he has taught me I have total CONTROL of my own happiness. I was\am a total control freak and am still working on it :) He has guided me to focus on the things that I have control over and not to try to control others' actions nor let others' actions bother me. I've been focusing on the present moments and evaluating them before reacting to them based off a silly thing called EMOTION.

I am blessed that Coach Kenn and I have crossed paths, and couldn't have asked for a better leader, mentor, & inspirational instructor.

I thank you Coach for these past couple months of guidance during the time of my life where I felt stuck, lost, and feeling insecure in my self-being. I would HIGHLY recommend Coach Kenn to anyone looking for help with anything mentioned in my experiences. 

I will continue to meet Coach conveniently via ZOOM & continue my growth on becoming a better person, wife, & mother. This experience has been priceless and can't express my gratitude enough.

I thank you for your time & exceptional follow-ups after our sessions. You truly make one feel that they matter and have a purpose in our challenging lives we all have.

Ashlee F

Coach Kenn was very honest and unbiased. I appreciate the fact that he was not judgemental and didn’t choose sides!! Very affordable and look forward to our next session!!

Demetria J

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