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Are You Opened To Be Loved: Embracing Love Fully

By Coach Kenn, Relationship Specialist

Love, the ethereal force that binds us together, has the power to heal, elevate, and transform our lives. Yet, many of us find it challenging to be open to love, fearing vulnerability or past hurts. The key to a fulfilling and enriching love life lies in being open to receive love, to letting it flow into our hearts unreservedly. In this article, we explore the signs that indicate whether you are truly open to love or if you might be unknowingly barricading your heart.

This is not an all-inclusive list mind you. It is, however, food for thought as you navigate this thing called love & life.

Signs You Are Open to Be Loved:

1. Embracing Vulnerability: Being open to love means you are willing to embrace vulnerability. You understand that showing your authentic self, with all your strengths and flaws, is an essential part of building a genuine and meaningful connection with someone. You don't fear revealing your true emotions and understand that it takes courage to be vulnerable.

2. Letting Go of Past Baggage: You have made peace with your past and have released the emotional baggage that might have hindered your ability to be open to love. You've learned from past relationships but do not let them define your present or future. Instead, you approach new relationships with an open heart and a fresh perspective.

3. Positive Self-Image: You have a healthy sense of self-worth and recognize that you are deserving of love and affection. Feeling good about yourself helps you attract and maintain healthy relationships, as you can give and receive love more freely.

4. Willingness to Communicate: Openness to love is closely linked to effective communication. You are willing to express your feelings, needs, and desires openly, and you encourage your partner to do the same. This open dialogue fosters trust and emotional intimacy in your relationship.

5. Allowing Space for Love: You have made room in your life for love to thrive. You prioritize time and effort in building and nurturing relationships, rather than keeping love at bay due to a busy schedule or fear of commitment.

Signs You May Be Resistant to Love:

1. Fear of Intimacy: You feel uncomfortable with emotional closeness and might find it challenging to open up to others, even in a committed relationship. You may push people away to avoid getting hurt or to maintain emotional distance.

2. Self-Sabotage: You find yourself undermining potential relationships, consciously or unconsciously, due to a fear of vulnerability or a belief that you don't deserve love.

3. Dwelling on Past Hurts: Lingering bitterness or resentment from past relationships prevents you from fully embracing new ones. You may be holding on to negative emotions, making it difficult to trust and be open to love again.

4. Prioritizing Independence Over Connection: While independence is important, you may use it as a shield to avoid the emotional risks that come with being open to love. You might feel uncomfortable relying on others or letting them get too close.

5. Serial Dating Without Commitment: You engage in superficial relationships or avoid long-term commitment altogether. This pattern may indicate a reluctance to open up emotionally and invest deeply in a relationship.

Embracing Love: A Journey of Courage and Self-Discovery

Opening up to love is a profound journey that demands patience, self-awareness, and self-compassion. It is vital to understand that each person's path is unique, and there is no fixed timetable for this process. Though it may seem scary, the prospect of losing your special "person" due to your own emotional reservations should serve as a more formidable fear.

I urge you to approach this expedition with empathy and understanding, delving into your fears, insecurities, and past experiences. Seek support from your loved ones, or if needed, a professional counselor (raising my hand).

Remember, being receptive to love is not a sign of weakness but rather a manifestation of strength and bravery. By opening our hearts to love, we unleash a flood of joy, profound connections, and fulfillment that enhances every facet of our lives. Therefore, take the daring step of unlocking the gates of your heart and embracing the limitless beauty of love that awaits you.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave your feedback below. If you have any questions on relationships, please feel free to reach out. We'd love to help. You can also set up your own personal session virtually, on a call, or in person with Coach Kenn at the information listed below.

Be well,

Kenn Wayne


p: 531-331-2399

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Sep 17, 2023

Good article Coach! Now you got me thinking. lol! My girlfriend and I just had this conversation just a few days ago. Let's just say that it didn't go well and it didn't get resolved but it might have been that I wasn't hearing her. Damn it!

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