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Happy Wife = Happy Life? Let's rethink that, shall we?

Does anyone realize how many things we repeat that we have heard over the years are absolutely not true?

My friend (we'll call him Stan because well, that's actually his name) found himself giving a mutual friend of ours advice on his marriage. Stan was doing well (I was agreeing his thought process) until he closed with "Happy wife, happy life", right? I refrained from strangling Stan on the spot but I did ask him explain the last statement. After a seemingly long pause, he said "I got nothing". "I mean it's what people say right?"

Yes Stan, it is but it is so inaccurate and borders on calling women emotional bullies (my opinion).

Allow me to help somebody out and hopefully gain understanding.

Stop repeating the term "Happy Wife, Happy Life" because it's simply not true. Regardless of gender, if you're not feeling life then rather you're the wife or husband, it does not matter.

I mean let's be real. Any man or woman that's having a bad attitude, bad day or bad moment or a bad few days and not happy about life is a pain to be around.

If you want to have something more factual, then try this on for size:

"Happy Spouse, Happy House" because after all, it's a joint effort, right.

Just saying.....

PS: Stan was not harmed in the writing of this blog and at the request of his wife is still comfortably sleeping on the couch.

What's your thought on this?

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