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Resolutions & Commitments (2021)

As the New Year is upon us, I wanted to plant this seed into your mind that will hopefully help you focus in 2021. This is that time of year where people start to make resolutions and proclamations for what they would like to see happen for them in the coming year.

Self-improvement is always in order so I support that but if you're wondering why so many of these resolutions fail, I can help you with that. Because I know you have things to do, I will also keep this simple.

Let's start with this:

"If nothing changes in you then there will be no change around you."

Your goals for 2021 need to a combination of you spending quiet time with yourself and reassessing what went well for you in 2020 and what you considered a "hot mess" in 2020 (COVID and all).

Look at these things to figure out what needs to happen: -Your role in those moments. -The people involved with you in those moments. - What did it cost you? - What did you gain? - Are you better because of it? - How much did you grow or do you need to grow up?

Asking yourself these things will lead you to a place of clear decision. Not everyone will make the needed decisions for a better year. Those that will, I believe will experience growth, peace, and a higher quality of life.

Those that don't choose to make the needed changes internally to help dictate the external will see the year 2021 role by and back in this same place again, wondering what do I need to do?

If you want to see those around you do something new, give them something new.

Change the internal within you and make it dictate the external around you.

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